8 Inch Chef Knife, Full Tripel Tang Handle, Brown ABS Handle

8 Inch Chef Knife

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8 Inch Chef Knife

Model: 30-308-0108
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The Gunter Wilhelm®'s Premier ProCut Series 8” chef’s knife. An invaluable tool for passionate chefs, Whether in a professional kitchen or a home setting, this knife consistently delivers outstanding performance. Crafted in Germany using premium 440/X50CrMoV15 German steel, demonstrating superior craftsmanship.

Featuring superior cutting characteristics and an ergonomic full triple-tang Dark Brown ABS with the innovative Smart Bolster™, this knife offers a comfortable and well-balanced blade and superior cutting performance, making it an indispensable tool in any kitchen.

Versatile Traditional French Chef Knife: The most recognized and used knife in any cutlery line, this is our 8” Chef Knife. Perfect for slicing and dicing any fruits, vegetables, or uncooked meats, this knife is the preferred tool for most professional chefs. Our Chef Knife features an extra-wide blade for knuckle clearance, leverage, and ease of use.

Slice, Dice, And Chop: This German-made chef knife is the perfect dicing tool, for cutting up just about anything. Use this knife to slice vegetables for a veggie tray, chop onions for a pot roast, or to mince whole heads of garlic. No matter the slicing or chopping job, this knife is up to the task, making it a must-have, multi-use kitchen tool.

Knife Specifications:

    • Crafted in Germany using premium 440/X50CrMoV15 German steel
    • Dimensions: Blade Length 8", Handle Length 4.75"
    • Weight: 0.537 lb
    • Handle Material: Patented Full Triple Tang (steel) with GW Brownish injected quality ABS Polymer and 4 decorative rivets
    • Optimized Heat Treatment & Advanced CRYO Ice-Hardening: Ensures exceptional hardness (55 +/-2 RC), durability, and flexibility
    • Elegant, stylish, and functional ergonomic handle featuring the innovative SMART-BOLSTER™ design
    • 15-degree angled blade edge, sharp heel, and smooth spine
    • Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship and performance of Gunter Wilhelm®'s 8" Chef Knife. This perfect blend of style and functionality not only enhances your culinary prowess but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen ensemble.

Optional: Add a personal touch with laser engraving of the monogram from 3 to 20 characters.
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Additional Information
Model: 30-308-0108
Warranty: Life-Time Warranty
Made In: Germany
Knife Type: Chef Knives
Tang Type: Full Triple Tang
Blade Length: 8”
Blade Material: Premium Solingen 440/X50CrMoV15 High Carbon No-Stain German Steel
Handle Material: Patented Full Triple Tang (steel) with GW Brownish injected quality ABS Polymer and 4 decorative rivets
Dimensions: L - 15 7/8 inches W - 2 7/8 inches H - 1 1/8 inches
Use & Care

How do I care for my knife?
Our knives are made from quality materials and should last if you take good care of them. Following please find a few guidelines:


Gunter Wilhelm Hassle-Free lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects (materials and workmanship). Terms and conditions apply


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Lifetime Warranty

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The Chef Knife is made from 440/X50CrMoV15 High Carbon stainless steel, which has corrosion resistance and offers good hardness, for long-lasting edge retention.


Our ergonomic handle shape is engineered for superior control, agility, and comfort – Premier ProCut offers a Full Triple Tang, well-balanced handle that creates better access to the full length of the blade.


While most top knives have edge angles of 25 – 15 degrees, we use more acute 14-degree angles for a noticeably sharper cutting face.