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foodsport season

Food Sport Season
Food Sport Season
Food Sport Season

About Gunter Wilhelm & Foodsport

Gunter Wilhelm is proud, honored, and humbled to be the cutlery of choice for many Professional Executive Chefs, World BBQ Champions, World Grilling Champions, World Food Champions, numerous pit, and grill masters, as well as a myriad of passionate backyard & home cooks.

Gunter Wilhelm’s Lightning ProCut, Thunder ProCut & Premier ProCut collections offer high-quality trimming, boning, slicers, carvers, chef food preparation, fillet, and other knives, which are designed to meet your culinary challenges at the competition, backyard, and kitchen. Our high-quality premium high-carbon steel and advanced CRYO heat treatment combined with an ergonomic design created a leading award-winning, world-class cutlery that is recognized for its precision, superior cutting capabilities & edge retention, with unmatched value..

Amazing Ribs
Use & Recommended Organizations

Gunter Wilhelm is pleased to be recognized, collaborate, and support major Food Sport organizations & entities that promotes and celebrates culinary arts, the passion, and creativity of talented food enthusiasts.

What They Say About Gunter Wilhelm

Gunter Wilhelm®

Gunter Wilhelm is proud to be the cutlery of choice for many professional chefs, pit-masters, grill-masters, and numerous passionate backyard & home cooks. Over the years, Gunter Wilhelm supported many different barbeque (BBQ), grilling, cookoffs, and food-sport events and competition teams nationwide.

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