Nonstick Oval Roasting Set, Black Color, Cast Aluminum, Dish, Lid

Nonstick Oval Roasting Dish + Lid set w/Spout

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Nonstick Oval Roasting Dish + Lid set w/Spout

Model: 80-811-4228
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Our award winning nonstick Gunter Wilhelm® Cast Aluminum Cookware is designed for the professional chef and passionate home cook enhancing your cooking experience.

The Cast Aluminum Cookware was developed in collaboration with the German National Culinary team, creating outstanding performances and features. Thanks to the Aluminum’s best heat transition, the body construction and warp free casted bottom, our Cast Aluminum Cookware was the first of its kind to have CLASS A energy efficient certification.

  • Hand Made in Germany from heavy duty stress relieved chill cast aluminum, 8-10mm thick bottom for perfect heat distribution, optimal thermal absorption and no distortion even at high temperatures (ideal for glass cooktops).
  • Food safe aluminum alloy, FREE of heavy metals such as nickel, copper etc. 100% PFOA FREE to prevent allergies.
  • Plasma infused with advanced nonstick coating (PFOA FREE) offering unsurpassed nonstick performances, allows fat free cooking for healthier lifestyle, and easy cleaning.
  • Coating system is patented water based and FREE of solvents. Same coating may be applied on medical appliances where extra health requirements needs to be fulfilled.
  • Rivet-free interior prevents unsightly food build-up.
  • Oven safe up to 500°F.
  • ECO friendly, energy efficient (CLASS A) and 99% recyclable.
  • Innovative and modern low energy eco-friendly production facility.
  • Hand washing recommended.
Read the following Instructions and Warranties Carefully:

Like all cooking activities, you must exercise an appropriate degree of care, especially when cooking food at high temperatures.

Failure To Follow These Instructions May Result In Personal Injury Or Property Damage, Or May Damage Your Product Immediately Or Later. This Product Is Not Intended For Camping, Industrial Or Commercial Use.

Always Use Potholders When Handling Hot Cookware, Lids And Bakeware.
  • Do Not place Gunter Wilhelm® cookware in a microwave over. Placing metal objects in a microwave might damage your microwave resulting in personal injury and/or property damage.
  • Never place a hot glass cover on a wet or cool surface, or handle hot cover with a wet towel, wet potholder or other wet cloth.
  • Do Not place hot a glass cover directly on a countertop or any metal surface, or in the sink. Allow to cool on a cooling rack, dry potholder or dry cloth. Be sure to allow glass cover to cool as provided above before washing, refrigerating or freezing.
  • Do Not use cookware to cook popcorn, caramelize sugar, make candy or deep fat fry.
  • Do Not strike utensils against rim of cookware or glass covers to dislodge food.
  • Do Not use abrasive cleansers, scouring pads, or any object that will scratch the cookware or accessories.
  • Do Not use or repair any item that is chipped, cracked, or broken.
  • Do Not use any items that have been subjected to use that is expressly warned against above.
Product Specifications:
Set includes:
  • One Oval Roasting Dish Pot with Spout: 42cm/16.54" L x 28cm/11" W x 12cm/ 4.72" D; 11Litter/11.62Qt; Weight: 6 lb-0.293 lb
  • One Oval Roasting Lid with Spout: 42cm/16.54" L x 28cm/11" W x 6cm/2.36" D; 3Litter/3.17Qt; Weight: 4 lb-0.943 lb
  • Total Weight: 11 lb-0.231 lb
  • Nonstick PFOE free coating (plasma infused)
  • Cook-tops: Gas, Electric, Glass-Ceramic, Halogen
  • Made in Germany
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Additional Information
Model: 80-811-4228
Warranty: Life-Time Warranty
Made In: Germany
Materials: Cast Aluminum
Cook Type:Specialty Pans
Lid: Lid Included
NonStick: Yes
Oven-safe: Up to 500°F (260°C)
Recommended Stovetops: Gas, Electric, Radiant Ring, Ceramic, Halogen
Use & Care

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