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Important Warranty Information

A warranty replacement knife request without providing proof of purchase & ownership will require a $10 fee per knife.

Our warranty excludes some types of damages and/or conditions such as those due to age and/or misuse and/or improper treatment. Replacements for items that are no longer available (discontinued) may be made with similar items of equal value, at our option.

Manufacturer defects (covered by warranty):

Any Knives that have a manufacturing defect will be shipping back to you on our cost. Manufacturer defects include any damages that are observed when receiving the knife. This means as soon as you open the package there are clear damages before first use of product.

Misuses (not covered by warranty):

Any knives that are treated poorly will require an extra fee. Please look at our warranty policy for more details regarding misuse.

  • Putting the knives in the dishwasher
  • Using the knife wrongly (Example: cutting bone using the wrong knife such as a paring knife, opening a can using our knives, throwing the knives, dropping the knives, cutting frozen food, etc.)
  • Misuse of our knives will require an additional fee.
  • Please refer to our warranty policy located on our website,, under the FAQ's.

Only Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery and Cookware Items purchased directly from Gunter Wilhelm, activities associated with Gunter Wilhelm, or by authorized dealers or representatives of Gunter Wilhelm are covered under warranty. Items purchased, from 3rd party dealers, not operated by or authorized by Gunter Wilhelm will not be covered.

We do not replace diamond steel sharpeners and honing steels. Those are wear and tear items and will not be replaced if sent to us.

We do not replace normal wear and tear, including without limitation straight-edge and serrated blades that are dull, bent, scratched corroded or marked.

Before sending the package to Gunter Wilhelm, please make sure it includes the following:

Important Packaging Information

  • Please use bubble wrap and an appropriate sized box/envelope to send over the warrantied knife.
  • Do not put tape on the pots/pans.
  • Knives must be cleaned before shipped to us.
  • A check or prepaid return label back to you.
  • Secure and safe packaging. DO NOT SHIP IN AN ENVELOP.