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Gunter Wilhelm offers a professional knife sharpening service program dedicated to restoring our blades to their original factory edge whenever necessary. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, including our employees and handlers, we kindly request that you follow these guidelines when utilizing our sharpening service:


  • Use bubble wrap or cardboard to provide secure protection for the knives during the shipping process.
  • Opt for an appropriately sized shipping box to ensure a snug fit and optimal protection; avoid using envelopes.
  • Please refrain from using tape or adhesive directly on the knives, both on the blades and handles.

Cleaning and Sanitization:

Prior to shipping the knives to us, it's essential that they are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

This precaution guarantees a safe and hygienic handling of the knives during the sharpening process.

We recommend cleaning the blades with warm water and soap, followed by complete drying.


Only knives should be shipped for sharpening. Please exclude blade protectors, woodblocks, carving forks, honing steels, diamond steels, and similar items.


  • The standard sharpening service fee is $5 per knife.
  • For fixing chips up to 1mm deep, there is a service fee of $1 per knife.
  • Reprofiling broken tips up to 2mm incurs a service fee of $1.5 per knife.
  • Customers are responsible for covering the shipping costs


Gunter Wilhelm

Attn: Sharpening

Address: 628 Swan Street, Ramsey, NJ 07446


We strongly recommend using trackable and insured shipping services for your convenience and peace of mind.

After shipping your package to our facility, kindly provide us with the carrier information and tracking number. Upon receiving the package, we will promptly send you an email confirmation and initiate the sharpening process. In case you do not receive an email notification, please track your package. In rare instances, the package might not reach our facility. If this happens, please contact the shipper, and initiate an investigation.

Return Processing Fees:

  • 1-3 knives: $15
  • 4-7 knives: $20
  • 8-11 knives: $25
  • 12-17 knives: $30

Payment Options:

An online payment is required to finalize the processing of your sharpening order. We accept various secure online payment methods to ensure a convenient and efficient transaction. Once you've followed the packaging and documentation guidelines as mentioned earlier, please proceed with online payment to complete your order. Should you encounter any difficulties or require assistance with online payment, our customer support team is readily available to guide you through the process.

Please ensure compliance with the packaging, documentation, and payment guidelines to avoid any potential delays in processing and returning your knives.

While shipping, we recommend selecting a dependable shipping method and considering appropriate insurance coverage. Gunter Wilhelm cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to the knives during transit.

Kindly adhere to these guidelines to ensure a smooth and satisfactory sharpening service experience. If you require further assistance or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team.