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Gunter Wilhelm® Thunder ProCut knife collection is the new elegancy. Made in Germany from premium high carbon steel and forged with state-of-the-art technologies, the Thunder ProCut knife delivers form and function together in perfect harmony. Its superior cutting characteristics and ergonomic full-tang with Smart Bolster TM introduces a comfortable, well-balanced blade makes it a true culinary masterpiece

  • Made in

  • smart
    bolster TM

  • FULL

  • ABS Handle

  • Easy to

  • Lifetime

  • Made in Germany from premium X50CrMoV15 German steel Optimized multi-stage heat treatment with advanced CRYO ice-hardening process for superior hardness, durability, flexibility characteristics
  • Full tang (steel) with GW Brownish injected quality ABS Polymer
  • Stylish yet functional ergonomic handle with SMART-BOLSTER™ design
  • Sharp heel and smooth spine
  • Lifetime warranty



Smooth Spine


Full tang for balance and control


Extra Wide Blade Sharp Heel

Smart Bolster™

Ergonomic handle and smart bolster™ design for comfort and control


Elegant & Beautiful Handle

Thunder ProCut knives are made from X50CrMoV15 High Carbon stainless steel, The steel mainly used in high-quality kitchen knives, it’s great for corrosion resistance and good hardness, for good edge retention

Forged from a single bar of steel, and multi-stage heat treatment

Heat Treatment advanced CRYO Ice-Hardening 55 +/-2 RC Hardness

Blade Finish while most style knives have edge angles of 25 degrees, Gunter Wilhelm uses more acute 14 degrees per side for a noticeably sharper cutting blade edge.

Smart Bolster Gunter Wilhelm Smart Bolster helps balance the blade by adding weight near the center of the knife. Also, the feel of a bolster, makes pinch grip between thumb and forefinger, for comfort and control while the bolster’s placement creates better access to the full length of the blade

Elegant Handle the ergonomic handle shape is engineered for superior control, agility, and comfort – Thunder ProCut offers full tang


The Best Kitchen Knife You'll Ever Own

Stunning Award-Winning Knife Design




Gunter Wilhelm® offers a factory direct sales channel to reach its customers. Our approach enables us to offer our high-end, high-quality kitchen knife at an affordable price which is 40%-50% less than the retail price of a similar cutlery products that don’t have all our unique features.




We are here to serve our customers and partners who are part of the Gunter Wilhelm family and we will do our best to support, assist and satisfy your needs. Each item in our product line has been designed with you in mind and offers the ultimate culinary experience.